15 days of immersion in Cape Verde

Trip description

Two weeks allows you to visit four islands, or even five for the fastest. It is possible to spend 5 days on the islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão, then 5 to 6 days on those of Santiago and Fogo. Before leaving for the island of Sal, we advise you to stop for 2 days in Maio, a real paradise that is still not very touristy. You will be tempted to add other islands to your trip, but don't forget the time lost when travelling by plane or boat. The stay can be very frustrating if you spend it in airports. It is better to limit yourself to enjoy these two weeks of holidays.

15 days

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Day 1: Arrival on the island of Sal

Day 2: Change of island

Day 3: Santo Antão, the other possibility of an island

Day 4: 3 villages in the sun

Day 5: Discovery of Ponta do soil

Day 6: Small ferry cruise

Day 7: Day Cultural Day

Day 8: From island to island

Day 9: The magical and authentic village

Day 10: Mosteiros, watch out for volcano!

Day 11: Departure for Maio

Day 12: The Island of Fishermen

Day 13: Beach, beach or beach

Day 14: Return to Santiago Island

Day 15: Dreams full of heads

Day 1 : Arrival on the island of Sal

Arrival on the island of Sal. Swimming, idleness.

Day 2 : Change of island


Departure for the island of São Vicente. Visit of Mindelo, the cultural capital.

Day 3 : Santo Antão, the other possibility of an island

Discovery of the island of Santo Antão. 

Day 4 : 3 villages in the sun

In the Cova programme, Ribeira do Paúl, Janela village,

Day 5 : Discovery of Ponta do soil

©Abdesslam Benzitouni

Ponta do Sol, Cruzinha da Garça.

Day 6 : Small ferry cruise

©Abdesslam Benzitouni

Return to ferry to Mindelo. Discovery of the village of Calhau and beaches.

Day 7 : Day Cultural Day


Departure for the island of Santiago. Visit of Platô in the morning and Cidade Velha in the afternoon.

Day 8 : From island to island

©Agence de Promotion de Madère

Departure, arrival and installation on Fogo Island. 

Day 9 : The magical and authentic village

©Charline REDIN

Chã das Caldeiras (sleep in this village).

Day 10 : Mosteiros, watch out for volcano!

©Abdesslam Benzitouni

Ascent of the volcano or Mosteiros for the most sporty, São Filipe.

Day 11 : Departure for Maio


Maio is one of the most relaxing places in Cape Verde, the kindness of the population and the beaches which are not crowded allow you to recharge your batteries

Day 12 : The Island of Fishermen

The island of fishermen where it is good to live and where the beaches are magnificent.

Day 13 : Beach, beach or beach

Blond sand, bright sunshine, calm sea and sparkling with the sun's reflections... We're fine!

Day 14 : Return to Santiago Island


Return to the island of Sal or the island of Santiago for a departure from Praia airport.

Day 15 : Dreams full of heads

©Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority

Return. If there is too much walking in this course, you can prefer a stay on the island of Boa Vista with excursions on the island in 4 x 4. Another possibility is to stay longer on the island of Santiago, at least one night in Assomada, and staying in villages on the east coast.

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