Cape Verde, nature side

Trip description

The proposed route will satisfy hiking and nature lovers, it focuses on the Barlavento Islands, islands in the north of the archipelago, São Vicente, São Nicolau and Santo Antão. An average physical condition is sufficient to appreciate the beauty of these islands. Bivouac or a 4-hour hike are possible according to your desires and your physical condition.

10 days

From : €850*

Day 1: First day and beautiful beach

Day 2: Each village has its own volcano

Day 3: Relax on black sand

Day 4: The 7 wonders of the archipelago

Day 5: Green landscapes of Cachaço

Day 6: In the valley...

Day 7: The road with one hundred faces

Day 8: The Sun Bridge

Day 9: Night excursion and celebration

Day 10: End of the trip

Day 1 : First day and beautiful beach


Arrival in São Vicente, relax and swim on the beautiful beach of Laginha and/or visit Mindelo.

Day 2 : Each village has its own volcano

©Susana_Martins -

Discover the beach of Baias das Gatas and the village of Calhau and its volcano.

Day 3 : Relax on black sand

©Christophe SIMS

Ferry departure for São Nicolau, arrival in Tarrafal, relaxation on black sandy beaches and dinner at Casa aquario, at Henny.

Day 4 : The 7 wonders of the archipelago

©Christophe SIMS

Discover the most beautiful places of Tarrafal, Carberinho (one of the 7 wonders of the archipelago), visit the pretty villages of Quemada, Estância de brás, Lompeloda, Hortela, Cabecalinho, beautiful surprises await you.

Day 5 : Green landscapes of Cachaço

©Christophe SIMS

Ascent of Monte Gordo (different levels of route), descent towards the green valley of Cachaço, you will cross on your way the most beautiful specimens of dragonniers.

Day 6 : In the valley...

©Chloé OBARA

Departure for Santo Antão, lunch at Porto Novo, departure for Paul Valley, dinner and bed in the valley.

Day 7 : The road with one hundred faces

Discovery of the road of the Rope, "the one hundred faces road", one of the most spectacular routes on the island, hiking and discovery, visit of stills...

Day 8 : The Sun Bridge

©Abdesslam Benzitouni

Arrival and rest in Ponto do Sol, a pretty village.

Day 9 : Night excursion and celebration

©Abdesslam Benzitouni

Departure for São Vicente, night excursions for partygoers to the trendiest places in Mindelo, music lovers will be spoilt for choice.

Day 10 : End of the trip

Departure. This route can also be done over 15 days. It should be noted that São Nicolau is one of the wildest islands. The contrast between São Nicolau and Santo Antão can be interesting. Also be aware that with multi-destination flights, it is possible to arrive in São Vicente and leave Sal to enjoy the white sandy beaches to close your trip smoothly.

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