The most beautiful diving spots in Cape Verde

Trip description

Whether snorkeling or scuba diving, the islands of Cape Verde are particularly famous for diving. Schools of surgeons and sars, manta rays, white sharks, tigers or hammers, jacks, groupers, morays and lobsters, fish species are not lacking and are visible in a sea offering good visibility up to 15 m. As for fauna, it is very rich with many varieties of endemic shellfish, such as Gorgon, a kind of long-haired, red, yellow, purple and white flower animal that populates the rocky massifs.

8 days

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Day 1: First day of relaxation

Day 2: First spot in Sal

Day 3: Pedra de lume

Day 4: title

Day 5: Meeting the tiger shark

Day 6: Endemic species

Day 7: To finish in beauty

Day 8: The head underwater

Day 1 : First day of relaxation


Arrival on the island of Sal. Installation, swimming, idleness.

Day 2 : First spot in Sal

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The Buracona spot is a very accessible dive, between 12 and 30 meters. It takes place in a cave that contains a skylight that gives a magical aspect when the sun is at its zenith. Launching consists of jumping from a small cliff directly into the surf. It is an essential diving site in Sal.

Day 3 : Pedra de lume

©Julien HARDY - Author's Image

Pedra de lume is a very beautiful place for observing aquarium fish. In the day it will be possible to carry out 3 different dives on the slopes from 6 to 70 metres depending on its level. Don't forget your camera. 

Day 4 : title

The spot of Punta Preta, classified 3 stars, will take you away on a drop of black rocks from 29 to 33 meters. You will find tiara crabs, turtles, schools of salps, morays and schools of gronos. It is an accessible dive for beginners to the first level

Day 5 : Meeting the tiger shark

The Serra Negra site is not very deep, only on 15/19 meter drop offs, but it is the site of the tiger sharks. It has the characteristic of feeding on just about anything within its reach. Omnivorous, it is also known as the "garbage shark". It also consumes turtles, dugongs, dolphins and other sharks. It is recommended to exercise the utmost caution when diving and to comply with the safety instructions of the instructors who supervise this dive

Day 6 : Endemic species

Departure in the morning for the 3 caves for a first dive in clear waters of 18/21 meters. Here you can admire and photograph rays, schools of squid fish, lutians and lobsters that take shelter in a multitude of cavities. After lunch, direction Pointinha for the second dive of the day on a 25/30 meters drop off at the southern tip of the island of Sal. There are lutjans, parrot fish, soldier fish, morays, cicadas, morays, lobsters and pretty little purple and black sea butterflies.

Day 7 : To finish in beauty

The day will be devoted to the three most beautiful dives in Cape Verde. This huge aquarium is located 20 minutes off the coast of Sal Island and brings together the finest specimens of fish with evocative names. Trumpets, squirrels, soldiers, surgeons, but also groupers, moray will be before your eyes. The numerous cavities are full of corals and aquatic plants of all colours. For postcards, this is here. 

Day 8 : The head underwater

After deliberately keeping the head underwater, it's time to go home. Direction the airport and return

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