Finland of the 1 000 lakes

Trip description

The Country of the Thousand Lakes, a generic generic marketing name that also designates Finland, actually accounts for almost 190 000! If you have little time, then do not hesitate, it is certainly one of the most beautiful lacustrine systems in Europe and perhaps even the world. By car, bus or boat, immerse yourself in a world where water and land are inextricably linked.

Day 1: Discovering Lappeenranta

Day 2: Imatra, a city on the border with Russia

Day 3: Sumptuous road to Punkaharju

Day 4: Balade in Savonlinna

Day 1 : Discovering Lappeenranta

Day1 : Discovering Lappeenranta ©Serge OLIVIER - Author's Image

From Helsinki, take the bus to Lappeenranta and from there visit Lake Saimaa on one of the many boats open to tourists. The circuit passes through the lock of the Saimaa Canal. If you are lucky, you may see seals, symbols of the Lakes region. Another attraction in Lappeenranta is the fortress built in 1649 and overlooking the city from the heights.

Day 2 : Imatra, a city on the border with Russia

See the Valtion Hotelli, an architectural masterpiece in the Art Nouveau style not to be missed. Other highlights include the Imatrankoski rapids, the nearby park and the Imatran Voima hydroelectric power plant ("Imatra's strength").

Day 3 : Sumptuous road to Punkaharju

It is accessible through an impressive road: the rock becomes cliff and this moraine ends up leaving only the paved road with a view overlooking the lake on each side.

Day 4 : Balade in Savonlinna

Day4 : Balade in Savonlinna ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

The city is famous for its castle of Olavinlinna, built in 1475, restored and intelligently highlighted by the celebrations held there every year. This is where the great opera festival takes place in July. A pleasant stroll on the lake of Pihlajavesi and in the old town. Back in the evening on Helsinki.

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