The Turku Archipelago and the Åland Islands

Trip description

Finland has a unique natural heritage: an exceptionally dense island belt protects the coastline from the tip of the Gulf of Finland to the Baltic Sea. The road network partly interferes with this gigantic cluster of islands thanks to an ingenious system of ferries that link the islands together.

Day 1: From Turku to Korpo

Day 2: From Korpo to Kökar

Day 3: Heading for the Åland Islands

Day 4: Discovery of the Åland Islands

Day 5: The Island of Brandö

Day 6: Return to Turku by the North Road

Day 1 : From Turku to Korpo

Day1 : From Turku to Korpo ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

The journey begins in Turku, the former capital of Finland. The easiest way is to drive. Regular connections between the islands, particularly between the three large islands of Parainen (Pargas), Nauvo and Korpo. To get there from Turku, take the E18 towards Helsinki. In Kaarina, turn off towards Parainen (Pargas). Route 180 extends to Korpo, seventy kilometres away, via two free ferries. You can also cross the archipelago by bus or bicycle. In this case, of course, allow much more time.

Day 2 : From Korpo to Kökar

From the island of Korpo, a small ferry travels through the archipelago from Galtby to Kökar, in the southwest, a small island lost in the middle of the sea. Exoticism is guaranteed if you spend the night on site. The next day, cycle around the island.

Day 3 : Heading for the Åland Islands

Day3 : Heading for the Åland Islands ©François JANNE DOTHEE

From Kökar, head towards the Åland archipelago or the pink granite islands with 6,500 islands. A must-see visit of the capital, Mariehamn, with the sailboat Pommern, one of the largest four-masted ships in the world, transformed into a museum. Here again, the best way is to rent bicycles and travel around the archipelago in combination with ferries.

Day 4 : Discovery of the Åland Islands

An essential visit is to take the hiking route between the medieval castle of Kastelholm and the ruins of the fortress of Bomarsund, the two main historic sites of the island.

Day 5 : The Island of Brandö

Departure by ferry for the lost island of Brandö and night in chalet for paddle between the islands. Canoes are usually included in the price of cottages.

Day 6 : Return to Turku by the North Road

Day6 : Return to Turku by the North Road ©Ssiltane - iStockphoto

Once on the mainland, repiquez to the north to visit Uusikaupunki. You will be in Turku in the south in the evening.

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