Fishing circuit

Trip description

Go off the coast of Gabon for three days and try to bring back some catches.

Day 1: Arrival in Libreville

Day 2: Departure for Gamba

Day 3: First catches

Day 4: Night at Sea

Day 5: Last attempt

Day 6: Back to Libreville

Day 7: Last hours in Gabon

Day 1 : Arrival in Libreville

Day1 : Arrival in Libreville ©Bernadette VOISIN

Visit to the city centre. A quick tour at the cathedral, at the National Museum, shopping at the Mont People market.

Day 2 : Departure for Gamba

Day2 : Departure for Gamba ©Ismaël Schwartz - Iconotec

Visit of the Smithsonian Institution to have a beautiful overview of the country's biodiversity. Transfer to Canoe Crete through the lagoon. Installation, according to its wishes, in one of the two camps specialising in sport fishing.

Day 3 : First catches

Departure at sea very early to hunt down the captain, the barracuda or the bulldog shark. Back to the camp

Day 4 : Night at Sea

Breakfast for a start at the end of the day to return to the middle of the night, depending on the catch.

Day 5 : Last attempt

You can leave at sea one last time, or walk around.

Day 6 : Back to Libreville

Day6 : Back to Libreville ©Bernadette VOISIN

Departure for Gamba. Transfer through 4 x 4 to vary pleasures and cross forest and savannah. Transfer to Libreville.

Day 7 : Last hours in Gabon

Day7 : Last hours in Gabon ©Bernadette VOISIN

Last day in Libreville. Small craft market or some shopping at the market if it is not already done before departure.

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