Gabon Tour

Trip description

A long stay in Gabon allows you to appreciate all the wealth that this country brings. From Libreville, explore the coast before returning inland. Enjoy the multiplicity of landscapes and abundant wildlife

Day 1: Visit of Libreville

Day 2: Along the coast

Day 3: Excursion on beaches and forest

Day 4: Discovery of Port Gentil

Day 5: Between land and water

Day 6: Day canoe

Day 7: Cap on Lambaréné

Day 8: Stroll in the city

Day 9: Directorate the Parc Park

Day 10: Discovery of one of the pearls of Gabon

Day 11: In the middle of wilderness

Day 12: Traces of ancient peoples

Day 13: Excursion to Lékédi Park

Day 14: Observation of monkeys

Day 15: Heading for Leconi

Day 16: Beautiful landscapes in Léconi Park

Day 17: Back to the capital

Day 18: Day on the edge of clear water

Day 19: Fiesta in Libreville

Day 20: Last hours in Libreville

Day 1 : Visit of Libreville

Day1 : Visit of Libreville ©Bernadette VOISIN

Arrival in Libreville and visit the city centre. Admire the cathedral and the Sainte-Marie mission, and take a tour of the National Museum. Walk in the authentic and lively district of Nombakélé, eat fish skewers in a maquis for those with strong belly.

Day 2 : Along the coast

By car, go to the coast to Cap Santa Clara, or Cap Estérias, where you can stay in a small, typical hotel or camp. 

Day 3 : Excursion on beaches and forest

On the coast, do not miss the many small beaches on this road and the discovery of the classified forest of La. You can see resource, parasoliers and huge ficus and orchids.

Day 4 : Discovery of Port Gentil

Day4 : Discovery of Port Gentil ©Bernadette VOISIN

Take the plane or boat for Port-Gentil. Here, enjoy the quiet pace of this small seaside town.

Day 5 : Between land and water

Day5 : Between land and water ©Bernadette VOISIN

Departure from Port Gentil in the morning towards the Lagune Vaz lagoon. Marvel at the sublime landscapes of the forest interspersed with rivers. Stop to discover the picturesque small villages on the river, and eat grilled fish on the shore.

Day 6 : Day canoe

Day6 : Day canoe ©Bernadette VOISIN

Climb the M'Pivié River into a Canoe where the Crocodiles warm up in the sun and stop at the charming mission Saint-Anne. Walk on foot to see the birds.

Day 7 : Cap on Lambaréné

Day7 : Cap on Lambaréné ©Stéphanie BORG

Return to Port-Gentil. Take the canoe or boat for Lambaréné. Arrival on site.

Day 8 : Stroll in the city

Visit of the city and the famous hospital of Dr. Schweitzer. Afternoon stroll at Carpe Diem's house contemplating the beautiful view of the Omboué.

Day 9 : Directorate the Parc Park

Day9 : Directorate the Parc Park ©Bernadette VOISIN

Return to Libreville by car or bus. In the evening, take the train at night, or if possible the car, for the park of Lopé.

Day 10 : Discovery of one of the pearls of Gabon

Visit of the Lopé park. Beginning of a trek in the park, with the program: crossing of primary and secondary forests, savannah.

Day 11 : In the middle of wilderness

Observing abundant wildlife in places, including mandrilles groups

Day 12 : Traces of ancient peoples

Last day of trek. Do not forget to admire the cave paintings, traces of the many migrations in the region.

Day 13 : Excursion to Lékédi Park

Day13 : Excursion to Lékédi Park ©Bernadette VOISIN

Take the last arm of the "to Franceville. Book in advance in the park of Lékédi, we will be looking for you. In the afternoon, a quick discovery of the park forest, its chimpanzees and potamochères, before crossing its 35 m high iron bridge. In the evening, enjoy a drink and relax under the boats.

Day 14 : Observation of monkeys

Early in the morning, venturing into the forest with experts from mandrills, and learn everything from this fascinating monkey species. In the afternoon, take a canoe to see on their island the réinsertion in reintegration. By way of return, take a tour of the vivarium to contemplate vipers and pythons.

Day 15 : Heading for Leconi

Day15 : Heading for Leconi ©Bernadette VOISIN

Departure in the morning for the park of Leconi. Stop on the way at the Pont de Lianes and picnic in the nature. Swimming at the Léconi River in the Les Eaux Claires district. Arriving in the evening at the small village of Léconi. The most festive will then embark on a small tour of the centre's bars-maquis.

Day 16 : Beautiful landscapes in Léconi Park

In the morning, discover the pink canyon with the brightness of the rising sun, then walk and picnic in the park whose sight-loss panorama with the middle of the forest. Discovery of imported and local wildlife. Get back in the afternoon in Franceville, just the time to take a drink and of a of chicken in the Death Corridor and take over the ".

Day 17 : Back to the capital

Day17 : Back to the capital ©Bernadette VOISIN

Return quietly to Libreville by car or train.

Day 18 : Day on the edge of clear water

Day18 : Day on the edge of clear water ©Sylvain GRANDADAM

Start in the morning by boat to Pointe Denis or Nyounié, where you will spend a nice night in a bungalow, and enjoy beautiful beaches and mangrove landscapes. The lucky ones even discovered some wild animals during safari outings.

Day 19 : Fiesta in Libreville

Day19 : Fiesta in Libreville ©Bernadette VOISIN

Return to Libreville in the evening, well rested, to enjoy a more rock'n' roll evening. Start the evening at Joyce African Dreams for a cocktail, then continue with the clubs of the Louis district for an eventful night.

Day 20 : Last hours in Libreville

Day20 : Last hours in Libreville ©Bernadette VOISIN

In Libreville, buy your last souvenirs at the Mont Bouët market or at Wax Me. Return to France.

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