Southeast Gabon

Trip description

This tour takes you to the south-east of Gabon, to discover two large parks, Lékédi and Léconi. Observe the local fauna, especially the mandrills, and enjoy this natural moment

Day 1: Excursion to Lékédi Park

Day 2: Observation of monkeys

Day 3: Cap on Léconi

Day 4: Beautiful landscapes in Léconi Park

Day 1 : Excursion to Lékédi Park

Take the "from Libreville the night before. Sleep in the train, before going down to the small station of Moanda. Book in advance in Lékédi Park, which the driver will expect upon arrival. In the afternoon, a quick discovery of the park forest, its chimpanzees and potamochères, before crossing its 35 m high iron bridge. In the evening, enjoy a drink and relax under the boats.

Day 2 : Observation of monkeys

Early in the morning, venturing into the forest with experts from mandrills, and learn everything from this fascinating monkey species. In the afternoon, take a canoe to see on their island the réinsertion in reintegration. By way of return, take a tour of the vivarium to contemplate vipers and pythons.

Day 3 : Cap on Léconi

Day3 : Cap on Léconi ©Bernadette VOISIN

Departure in the morning for Léconi Park. Stop on the road at Pont de Procedurally and picnic in nature. Swimming at the Léconi River in the Clear Waters district. Arrive in the evening in the small village of Léconi. The most festive. will take you to a small tour of the maquis bars of the centre.

Day 4 : Beautiful landscapes in Léconi Park

In the morning, discover the pink canyon with the brightness of the rising sun, then walk and picnic in the park whose sight-loss panorama with the middle of the forest. Discovery of imported and local wildlife. Get back in the afternoon in Franceville, just the time to take a drink and of a of chicken in the Death Corridor and take over the ".

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