Journey along the Ancient Great Silk Road

Trip description

Discover the legendary crossroads of the Great Silk Road even on a short 5-day trip! This adventurous journey starts in the bread city of Tashkent and ends at the Pearl of the Great Silk Road in Samarkand.

Get acquainted with a totally unknown country, culture and architecture: 

- The famous Khasti Imam complex in Tashkent, the modern buildings and the huge Chorsu market in the east...

- Enjoy Bukhara Sharif, one of the 7 holy cities of the ancient Muslim world, and its unique beauty. An opportunity to visit the world famous home of Ibn Sina* (Avicenna). The Poyi Kalon complex, symbol of beauty, and beautiful covered bazaars....

- Beautiful Registan Square, the main square of Samarkand, which is called the "Pearl of the East". The mausoleum of Amir Temur, the famous historical commander of Tamerlane, the Shahi Zinda complex, famous for its tiles and beautiful decorations...

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5 days

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Get to know a completely unfamiliar country, culture and architecture;

- Famous Hasti Imam Complex in Tashkent, modern buildings and huge oriental Chorsu bazaar…

- Enjoy Bukhara Sharif, one of the 7 holy cities of the ancient Muslim world, and its unique beauty. Opportunity to visit the world-famous homeland of Ibn Sina * (Avicenna). The Poyi Kalon complex, a symbol of beauty, and the eye-catching indoor bazaars…

- The miraculous Registan Square, the main square of Samarkand, described as the “Pearl of the East”. The mausoleum of Amir Temur, known as Tamerlane, the Shakh-i-Zinda complex, famous for its tiles and beautiful decorations…

Day 1: Tachkent - Ouzbékistan

Day 2: Tachkent - Boukara

Day 3: Boukara - Samarcande

Day 4: Samarcande - Tachkent

Day 5: Tachkent

Day 1 : Tachkent - Ouzbékistan

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Arrival in Tashkent capital of Uzbekistan and welcome at Tashkent international airport. Getting acquainted with the gid and the driver who speaks your native language. Check-in at the hotel at 13:00. We start our journey through the capital Tashkent, which reflects history and modernity:

  • Complex of "KHAZRATI IMAM" (XVI-XX centuries) - mausoleum "Kaffal Shashi", medersa *(madrasah - religious and Islamic educational institution) of Barakhan and Moyi Mouborak, mosques "Namazgoh and Juma". This shrine has a special place in the Islamic world, where the almost complete and original manuscript of the Holy Quran* (7th century), written by Caliph Uthman, is kept, which is very important for the Muslim people.
  • CHORSOU MARKET - a visit to the huge and beautiful domed bazaar of Tashkent in the eastern view and taste Uzbek products;
  • TASHKENT METRO" - the underground world, a separate magical world. The most distinctive feature is that not only the bus stops, but also each station is approached on the basis of a distinct work of art, and the decoration of each station in terms of artistic architecture symbolically reflects the name of the station (stations: Cosmonauts, Alisher Navoi, Pakhtakor and Independence Square);

LUNCH - at the Uzbek national restaurant.
Stroll through Amir Temur Square - Stroll along the boulevard in the heart of Tashkent (Visit Amir Temur Avenue, Amir Temur and Temurides State Museum, the first hotel in Uzbekistan and the Congress Palace);
DINNER - Dinner at Uzbek national restaurant and rest at the hotel

Day 2 : Tachkent - Boukara


After breakfast transfer to Tashkent North Railway Station. Transfer to Bukhara by modern Talgo-Afrosiab high-speed train, departure and arrival time: 07:28-11:20. Arrival at Bukhara railway station (Kogon) and transfer to Saint Bukhara city. Packing your luggage at the hotel and then we will start our tour to the historical city of Bukhara:

  •  LABI HOVUZ COMPLEX (XVI-XVII centuries) - Labi Hovuz, Nodir Devonbegi hall and medersa, Kokaldoch medersa is a favorite place for local and foreign tourists, and its history is a special pleasure for all. Originally a market place on the site of this historic architectural complex, a large swimming pool was dug in the middle of the square, surrounded by stones, and has always been popular among people.

LUNCH - at the Uzbek national restaurant.

  •  EASTERN AND CLOSED MARKETS (XVI-XVII) - Taqi exchange office is the main exchange centre. Taki telpakfurushon is a domed building for the production and sale of hats. Abdullah's team is the largest covered trading post in Bukhara. Taqi Zargaron is a commercial centre for the sale of jewellery. Taqi Zargaron is the largest and most complex Taqi in Bukhara;
  •  The Ulugek and Abdulazizkhan Medersas (XV-XVII centuries) are architectural monuments decorated with art and skill. The large roof is decorated with elegant and rare patterns of curry tiles;
  • POYI KALON COMPLEX (XII-XVI centuries) - Poyi Kalon Mosque and Minaret, Miri Arab Madrasa. The splendour and charm of this complex will give you a special pleasure. If you want to pass under the minaret and look at the end of it, you'd better take your hat in hand. Otherwise, due to its size and beauty, its hat might fall to the ground like Genghis Khan's.

DINNER - Dinner at Uzbek national restaurant and rest at the hotel.

Day 3 : Boukara - Samarcande

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Let's continue our journey by starting early in the morning in the city of Saint Bukhara:

  •  ISMAIL SOMONI Mausoleum - Masterpieces of the IX-X century, the first brick building in the world and the mausoleum, still young without any changes, and the history of the Samanids, which has its own history;
  •  THE SPRING JOB (XII-XVI centuries) - The mausoleum of the prophet Job is known and famous in all religions;
  •  The BOLO KHOVUZ mosque (XVIII-XX centuries) was built step by step and surprises everyone with its beautiful decorations and style. In particular, the huge porch at the entrance of the mosque, with its high carved columns, is of incomparable beauty;
  •  BUKHARA MARKET - Bukhara, like other cities, has many markets, but you won't find such a beautiful oriental-style food market anywhere;
  • ARK (V-XX) - a historical monument of the fortress city. It was the residence of Bukhara's rulers and one of the most luxurious and charming monuments in Bukhara. Coming out of the great gate through a long sloping corridor, each step of a century takes you back so far in history.

LUNCH - at the Uzbek national restaurant;
Transfer to Bukhara railway station. Traffic on the modern high-speed train Talgo-Afrosiyob on the Bukhara-Samarkand route.
Departure and arrival times: 15:50-17:20. Arrival in the evening in the famous city of Samarkand, the diamond of the East. Transfer to the hotel.
DINNER - Dinner in Uzbek national restaurant and rest in the hotel.

Day 4 : Samarcande - Tachkent

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It's a short trip early in the morning that's why, using the time efficiently we will start our trip with the city Samarqand which is young, ancient and its history more than 3000 years.

  • GORI AMIR Mausoleum (XIV-XV) - one of the masterpieces of Samarkand, built during the reign of Amir Temur and the Temurids, this monument still amazes the world with its unique beauty and majesty;
  •  REGISTAN Square (XV-XVII centuries) - Medersa Olugbek, Tillakori and Cherdor. The former International Trade Centre of the Great Silk Road, and later the "Sandy Place" - Registan Square, now the centre of science, will captivate you with its charm by day and night;
  •  BIBIKHONIM Mosque (14th-15th centuries) - was built by the order of Amir Temur after his beloved Queen Bibikhanim and was famous as the largest mosque in Central Asia;
  • SIYOB MARKET - an opportunity to get acquainted with the famous old Siyob bazaar in Samarkand and enjoy the oriental sweets and dried fruits you read about in your fairy tales;

LUNCH - Dinner at Uzbek national restaurant;

  • THE CHOKHI-ZINDA COMPLEX is one of the holiest shrines for Muslims and consists of a complex of mausoleums from the 9th to the 19th centuries. Shahizinda means "living king" and is the title given to Qusam ibn Abbas, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. The mausoleum dedicated to him and the mausoleums of people related to Amir Temur give a particular beauty to the complex;
  • UULUGBEK'S OBSERVATORY (15th century) - was founded during the reign of the Timurid ruler, the famous astronomer Mirzo Ulughbek, and the sciences created there made an important contribution to world civilization;

Transfer to Samarkand railway station. Traffic on the modern high-speed train Talgo-Afrosiyob on the route Samarkand - Tashkent.
Departure and arrival times: 17:00-19:10.
Return to our capital Tashkent in the evening. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation.
DINNER - Dinner in Uzbek national restaurant and rest at the hotel.

Day 5 : Tachkent

©Jeff Jones - Iconotec

Transfer to Tashkent International Airport in the morning. This is the end of our short trip to Uzbekistan. Thank you for sharing your free time with us.

See you next time!

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