Libreville and its surroundings

Trip description

A long weekend will only give you time to visit Libreville and its surroundings. Enjoy the liveliness of the city and explore the beaches and forests that surround it.

Day 1: Arrival in Libreville

Day 2: Day on the edge of clear water

Day 3: Fiesta in Libreville

Day 4: Hiking in Forest

Day 1 : Arrival in Libreville

©Bernadette VOISIN

Visit of the city centre by car. Admire the cathedral and the Sainte-Marie mission, and visit the National Museum. Stroll in the authentic and lively district of Nombakélé, eat fish skewers in a bush for those with a strong stomach. If the season allows, take an afternoon boat trip to see the whales with Arnaud Duffy. Otherwise, go shopping in the big market of Mont-Bouët.

Day 2 : Day on the edge of clear water

Start in the morning by boat to Pointe Denis or Nyounié, where you will spend a nice night in a bungalow, and enjoy beautiful beaches and mangrove landscapes. The lucky ones even discovered some wild animals during safari outings.

Day 3 : Fiesta in Libreville

©Bernadette VOISIN

Return to Libreville in the evening, well rested, to enjoy a more rock'n' roll evening. Start the evening at Joyce African Dreams for a cocktail, then continue with the clubs of the Louis district for an eventful night.

Day 4 : Hiking in Forest

Enjoy a good breakfast in one of the charming bakeries of the city. Walk along the shady trails of the Mondah forest.

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