Most of Japan in three weeks in every season

Trip description

Japan is an exciting destination for everyone regardless of age. The youngest ones will find themselves amazed at every day, the older ones will have to discover an ancestral culture and all of you can enjoy one of the best culinary specialties in the world and get out in front of the many palaces and other architectural beauties.

Day 1: Tokyo Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo Tokyo

Day 3: Tokyo

Day 4: Kko

Day 5: Kamakura

Day 6: Hakone and Mt. Fuji

Day 7: Takayama

Day 8: Kanazawa

Day 9: Kyoto Kyoto

Day 10: Nara - Osaka

Day 11: Koyasan

Day 12: Himeiji

Day 13: Matsue

Day 14: Hiroshima-Miyajima-Hiroshima

Day 15: Fukuoka

Day 16: Beppu

Day 17: Yufuin and Mount Aso

Day 18: From Kumamoto to Tokyo

Day 19: Instant shopping in Tokyo

Day 20: Tokyo Tokyo

Day 1 : Tokyo Tokyo

Visit of the Imperial Palace and the Meiji-jingu sanctuary in Harajuku.

Day 2 : Tokyo Tokyo

Day in Asakusa, Ginza and Shimbashi in the evening. Possibility to attend a kabuki show in Ginza. We're still in Tokyo a day longer, also to acclimatize and adjust to the time lag.

Day 3 : Tokyo

Walk in Yanaka. District of the old lower town (Shitamachi), some traditional houses escaped the terrible fire of 1923 (earthquake) and the bombings of war.

Day 4 : Kko

Day in the Nikko region: visit the village of bonsas, cascade and many temples, not forgetting the Shin-kyo bridge.

Day 5 : Kamakura

Kamakura is a former capital of Japan, full of temples and sanctuaries nestled in the mountains. There is also a great statue of Buddha to see absolutely.

Day 6 : Hakone and Mt. Fuji

Boat walk on Ashi Lake, small rest in Hakone (hot water bath).

Day 7 : Takayama

Located in the department of Gifu, this city contains a traditional ancient city and villages with roof houses. A very beautiful city, calm with few tourists.

Day 8 : Kanazawa

Day discovery of the city that was for a long time Japan's richest. Besides the beauty of typical streets, Kanazawa is also famous for its dishes and garden. For those who prefer tranquility to the mass of Kyoto tourists, Kanazawa will only bring happiness to them.

Day 9 : Kyoto Kyoto

Arrival at Kyoto. Visit the castle of Nijo, Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion, Ginkaku-ji, silver palace, go down the path of philosophers, go to the Imperial Palace and continue to Nanzen-ji Temple. It takes a good day. Evening dinner in the beautiful traditional Gion neighborhood.

Day 10 : Nara - Osaka

In Nara, visits of the Todaiji temple (with its immense wooden statue of Buddha), and the sanctuary of Kasuga. Then leave for ?saka, to taste okonomiyaki (kind of cakes) and takoyaki (baked flour with octopus), specialties of the region.

Day 11 : Koyasan

Mount Koya mount in funicular. Visit of this important pilgrimage center which houses a hundred monasteries dating back to the ninth century. The second day will be dedicated to the Kumano pilgrimage routes. End the day in Wakayama to take the shinkansen towards Himeji.

Day 12 : Himeiji

Visit of the White Heron Castle in Himeji. Walk in the Bikan district or go to Engyo-ji temple, filming scene The Last Samourai with Tom Cruise.

Day 13 : Matsue

This small town reserves many surprises, starting with its castle that has just been listed as Japan's national treasure. The afternoon can be devoted to the other lighthouse city of Shimane, Izumo, famous for being the birthplace of the shintoid religion. The gods, kami Okuninushi-no-mikoto, meet each year in October in the Izumo-Taisha shrine, the largest and oldest in Japan.

Day 14 : Hiroshima-Miyajima-Hiroshima

Visit of the Peace Memorial Park. Okonomiyaki lunch (from Hiroshima). Direction Miyajima and his famous O-torii door that seems floating on the sea. Back to Hiroshima for the evening. Dinner in Hondori, the most lively district in the city. If you have a little time, stop at Saijo nicknamed Sake-town and visit a brewery.

Day 15 : Fukuoka

During your stay, you can taste the famous Tonkotsu Ramen of Fukuoka (noodles at the foot of the pig).

Day 16 : Beppu

Visit of hot and colorful sources called the Eight Underages.

Day 17 : Yufuin and Mount Aso

Spa resort of Yufuin and visit the village of ancient farms. Visit of the largest caldera in the world, Mount Aso. Go for the evening in the city of Kumamoto.

Day 18 : From Kumamoto to Tokyo

Visit of the manor town, its superb castle and numerous gardens. The return to the capital will take place by plane.

Day 19 : Instant shopping in Tokyo

Not sure that another capital in the world counts as many small shops per square meter as To ? kyo kyo. They're everywhere, on the ground floor, upstairs and basement. Some Western apparel brands are better represented in Japan than in Europe. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ginza... the list of neighborhoods for shopping is long. Good advice, provide room in his suitcases so that he can return his purchases

Day 20 : Tokyo Tokyo

Last moment in Tokyo before joining Europe. Maybe the opportunity to eat sushi again!

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