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While we know about Turkey, the images of Epinal of Cappadocia and the countless minarets of Istanbul, we must not forget that the country is also a very popular seaside destination. The Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea offer travellers dozens of opportunities to relax on the sand while visiting some of the country's most beautiful archaeological sites. Here is a itinerary for lovers of old stones, idleness and sea swimming!

Day 1: First steps on the Asian side

Day 2: Visit to Bursa

Day 3: The splendours of Bergamo

Day 4: Culture and idleness

Day 5: The beaches of Izmir

Day 6: Halicarnassus, the world marvel

Day 7: Holiday atmosphere in Bodrum

Day 8: Idyllic landscape

Day 9: The turquoise sea

Day 10: End of stay in club

Day 1 : First steps on the Asian side

Day1 : First steps on the Asian side ©Muharremz - iStockphoto

Start by joining Iznik, the old Nicaea, nestled in the hollow of its lake. The visit of the archaeological remains and the walls is a must, just to start this seaside holiday with a little culture. Then join Bursa, which closes the southern end of the Marmara Sea.

Day 2 : Visit to Bursa

Enjoy the calm of the city, its parks and gardens and visit the many museum houses and mosques in the city centre. Don't miss a session in one of the traditional hammams. At the end of the day, reach Bergamo, on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

Day 3 : The splendours of Bergamo

Day3 : The splendours of Bergamo ©muratart -

Visit the archaeological site of Bergamo. The acropolis, the old theatre and all the remains will take you a good part of the day to overcome it. At the end of the day, drive along the coast to Izmir, to start the idleness side of this itinerary.

Day 4 : Culture and idleness

Smyrna, the current Izmir, is not known for its beaches. The city passed to be one of the most beautiful of the ancient world, and you can discover some beautiful archaeological remains. In the afternoon, you can relax on the Birds island (Kusadasi) where you will find plenty of water activities to do with family.

Day 5 : The beaches of Izmir

Day5 : The beaches of Izmir ©Hugo Canabi - Iconotec

Enjoy the many beaches around the bird beach in the morning. Each one has a different atmosphere, but all have in common their paradisiacal side. In the afternoon, go refresh yourself in the Dilek Nature Park, as deserted as the coast is crowded! Take the road to Bodrum, possibly with breaks at Priene or Milet

Day 6 : Halicarnassus, the world marvel

Day6 : Halicarnassus, the world marvel ©AlexanderNikiforov - iStockphoto

Unthinkable to be in the region without making a hook for visiting the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world, located in Bodrum. Snack and take a tour in town, then take your first steps on the beach and take the water temperature.

Day 7 : Holiday atmosphere in Bodrum

Bodrum is Turkey's seaside resort. Take this second day to relax completely, to wander, to relax at the beach where you offer some sensations while enjoying some water sports. To eat, dozens of restaurants tend along the beaches along the beaches and so many evenings of evening coffee! Let yourself go.

Day 8 : Idyllic landscape

Only a few kilometres away from Marmaris and its more confidential beaches. Change of mood compared to Bodrum, and return to more beautiful landscapes. At least in the day, because if you like to celebrate, Marmaris in the evening has nothing to envy Bodrum. You can therefore extend the holiday atmosphere if you wish!

Day 9 : The turquoise sea

Day9 : The turquoise sea ©David GUERSAN - Author's Image

We finally leave the crowd of the big seaside resorts to join Fethiye, a short jump from Marmaris. The atmosphere here has remained very family oriented and much quieter than in the previous two stages. However, you will have no trouble finding hotels and restaurants for your stopover. Enjoy the beautiful colours of the Mediterranean in this part of the coast!

Day 10 : End of stay in club

Direction the wonderful setting of the bay of Antalya. A magical setting that has attracted many clubs and resorts here for years. You are advised to finish this stay in one of the waters, because the anarchic constructions of recent years have disfigured the coast somewhat. A club with private beach will allow you to enjoy the best of your stay.

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