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Away from the beaten paths, the Black Sea coast, along which once were the silk caravans, which chose to follow the coastline rather than the Royal Route, offers contrasting landscapes, ranging from cliffs to hills and fishing harbours, where you can discover a true and warm Turkey, while enjoying the pleasures of bathing, away from the pleasures of bathing. the crowd.

Day 1: A charming stopover in Amasra

Day 2: Safronbolu's konaks

Day 3: From charm to history

Day 4: The ramparts of Sinop

Day 5: A day of rest

Day 6: Incursion into the land

Day 7: Ordu, capital of the hazelnut

Day 8: The streets of the old Trebizone

Day 1 : A charming stopover in Amasra

Day1 : A charming stopover in Amasra ©Sébastien Cailleux

From Istanbul, start by joining Amasra, certainly one of the most beautiful villages on the Black Sea coast, located on a small peninsula. Enjoy the joys of the beach and visit the charming alleys far from the great resorts, and climb to the citadel at the end of the day to enjoy the view of the coast.

Day 2 : Safronbolu's konaks

Day2 : Safronbolu's konaks ©EvrenKalinbacak - Fotolia

Make a small detour to Çakraz. A few kilometres from Amasra, this small fishing village has also kept all its charm and authenticity. You will again find some very beautiful and confidential beaches. Then join Safronbolu or stroll in the afternoon between the splendid Ottoman houses that have earned the city a Unresco heritage status.

Day 3 : From charm to history

Day3 : From charm to history ©MG1408 - Fotolia

Do not leave Safronbolu without taking a short walk 10 km away, in the village of Yürük Köyü. It also preserves some very beautiful Ottoman properties but has remained outside the tourist circuits. Then continue on to Sinop, once one of the most important cities on the Black Sea, which has preserved beautiful traces of its past.

Day 4 : The ramparts of Sinop

Day4 : The ramparts of Sinop ©MileA - iStockphoto

The city is a natural port, built on an isthmus, and which has preserved its fortress. The remains of the ramparts overlook the beautiful beaches below, which you will only leave at the hottest hours to visit Turkey's oldest prison, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire. If you want to stay out of town, choose Gerze, which houses some charming pensions.

Day 5 : A day of rest

Day5 : A day of rest ©AlexanderNikiforov - iStockphoto

The beaches of Gerze lend themselves to a day of idleness. Enjoy local cuisine and seafood in particular, try the harbour, relax at the beach. The city is ideally situated in the middle of the road to make it a relaxing stage.

Day 6 : Incursion into the land

Day6 : Incursion into the land ©Tuwien - Fotolia

Avoid the Samsun industrial area by turning inland to visit the villages of Amasya and Tokat, two small mountain villages that have retained much charm and many traces of Ottoman art. In Amasya, don't miss a visit to Hazeranlar Kona, a beautifully restored 19th century residence with an art gallery and ethnographic museum.

Day 7 : Ordu, capital of the hazelnut

Day7 : Ordu, capital of the hazelnut ©Snowflakedesert - Fotolia

Return to the coast in Ordu, which you will join through vast hazel forests. Prepare your wallet, you will not advocate the purchase of fresh or roasted hazelnuts while arriving in the city, and you can chewable them by wandering along the promenade of the seafront, particularly pleasant. At the end of the day, go to Trabzon.

Day 8 : The streets of the old Trebizone

Day8 : The streets of the old Trebizone ©okanmetin

The city is not as attractive as the previous stages at first, but you will soon fall under the spell of the streets and the relaxed atmosphere that reigns there. Visit St. Anne's Church, Trabzon Museum and St. Sophia Museum, and allow yourself some time to discover Sumela Monastery, about 50 kilometres south of Trabzon.

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