Three weeks, ten islands, a thousand experiences

Trip description

As you travel through the Indonesian archipelago, you will discover many faces. Between the hectic Java and the soothing Bali, there are other equally magical and romantic islands. This island to island stay will take you through all the chemistry and magic of Indonesia

Day 1: First steps in Jakarta

Day 2: Direction Yogyakarta

Day 3: At the Borobodur temple

Day 4: Show at the temple

Day 5: Visit of Surakarta

Day 6: Bike ride

Day 7: Departure for Probolingo

Day 8: Day panoramiqe

Day 9: Surf in Bali

Day 10: Palais d'Ubud

Day 11: Change of island

Day 12: In the valley of butterflies

Day 13: In the country of Toraja

Day 14: Relax or excursion

Day 15: Fast of coffee producers Luwak

Day 16: Today... nothing

Day 17: The Gili Islands

Day 18: Visit of the islands of Komodo

Day 19: Last day of sunshine

Day 20: End of travel

Day 1 : First steps in Jakarta

Day1 : First steps in Jakarta ©Elose BOLLACK

Arrival in Jakarta. Visit of the Monas Monument, then a small stop at the Batavia Café. In the evening you will go to the MODE mode.

Day 2 : Direction Yogyakarta

Day2 : Direction Yogyakarta ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Domestic flight to Yogyakarta. Discovery day of the city; visit the palace, the silver market in Kota Gede and the bird market. In the evening, take a stroll through Malioboro Steet's night market.

Day 3 : At the Borobodur temple

Day3 : At the Borobodur temple ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

Early wake up to visit Borobodur temple at sunrise. Continuation of the excursion to the Dieng plateau, and visit of the Arjuna temples and the Sikidang volcano (total: about 6 hours drive in the day).

Day 4 : Show at the temple

Day4 : Show at the temple ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Morning relaxation, day trip to the Prambanan temple. In the evening, Râmayâna's show at the temple.

Day 5 : Visit of Surakarta

Day5 : Visit of Surakarta ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Visit of the nearby town of Surakarta (or Solo): visit of the Kraton, and the temples of the surrounding area.

Day 6 : Bike ride

Quiet day in the surroundings; bike tour in the local villages. Shopping in the superb batik shops.

Day 7 : Departure for Probolingo

Day7 : Departure for Probolingo ©Elose BOLLACK

Day on the road: departure in the morning of Yogyakarta, about hours of bus/minibus or individual car to Probolingo. To sleep early, because it is cold and the next day the wake up will be early...

Day 8 : Day panoramiqe

Day8 : Day panoramiqe ©François JANNE DOTHEE

Get up early in the morning (3 h 30). Departure in jeep to admire sunrise on Mount Bromo from Penanjakan. At the back, we stop at the foot of the mount and climb the 246 steps to take advantage of the sight. Back to the village on foot or on horseback. Departure late in the morning towards Bali; arrival in the evening after 10 hours of road.

Day 9 : Surf in Bali

Day9 : Surf in Bali ©Liem Men Sang -

Day to relax on the beach or various activities (surf). In the evening, seafood dinner or grilled fish in Bukhara.

Day 10 : Palais d'Ubud

Day10 : Palais d'Ubud ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

Departure for Ubud; visit of the palace, the forest to the monkeys and the surrounding art workshops. In the evening, dance show legong or kecak.

Day 11 : Change of island

Day11 : Change of island ©Agence de Promotion de Madère

Departure for Makassar in Sulawesi (2 hours by plane). Installation in your hotel. Visit of the city and its main monuments and markets. In the evening, a stroll on the ledge and dinner in a fish restaurant to test the famous "kudu kudu".

Day 12 : In the valley of butterflies

Visit of Bantimurung National Park and Valley to butterflies. Then go to the Karst Maros-Pangkep to see the prehistoric caves painted for several millennia.

Day 13 : In the country of Toraja

Day13 : In the country of Toraja ©François JANNE D'OTHEE

Departure for the country Toraja. The heart of the island of Sulawesi. Visit of Kete Kesu, a typical village Toraja, you can then visit the cave tombs of Lemo or visit Pangalla to admire the Tongkonan, these spectacular Maisons houses. The next day back to Makassar for a return to Bali.

Day 14 : Relax or excursion

Day14 : Relax or excursion ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

Day relax in Ubud, or excursion: rafting, tour of the rice fields in the surroundings, trek in the jungle, walking on elephant backs... evening, dance show.

Day 15 : Fast of coffee producers Luwak

Day15 : Fast of coffee producers Luwak ©Sony Herdiana -

Excursion on the beaches of the surroundings, or visit some temples. You can also visit small Productions coffee productions.

Day 16 : Today... nothing

Day16 : Today... nothing ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

Relaxing day at the beach, excursions to surf and evening, we will celebrate in a discotheque in Kuta or in Semyniak.

Day 17 : The Gili Islands

Day17 : The Gili Islands ©Dunk Adit -

Departure for the Gili Islands; according to tastes, Trawangan and his animation or Air to play the Robinson (6 hours boat).

Day 18 : Visit of the islands of Komodo

Day18 : Visit of the islands of Komodo ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

Cruise to Flores (Labuhan bajo). Visit the islands of Komodo and Rinca to discover the famous varans. Snorkling or scuba diving

Day 19 : Last day of sunshine

Day19 : Last day of sunshine ©François JANNE D'OTHÉE

Return to Bali South; last day to perfect her tan.

Day 20 : End of travel

new text Start in the morning for Paris.

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